“NIST. Not just for the federal government any more”

In Special Publication 800-53 NIST lays the foundation to developing and implementing the cyber-security standards and guidelines, to assist federal agencies in implementing the Federal Information Security Management Act (FISMA).


Today more than ever, due to fast technology pace combined with the constant pressure of  keep pace with the evolution threats and attacks, there is an increased need for establishing and maintaining a mature cyber security program.

Our team of experts is seasoned in assessing and implementing the security controls and related processes that will help you meet federal laws and regulations such as FISMA and OMB A-123.

  • Security policy review, development and implementation: Vernance will review the content of your policies and will analyze how these documents align with your state and federal compliance requirements. We will provide a remediation roadmap as well as implementation guidance and project management to facilitate a proper remediation and to minimize the completion time and effort.
  • Security framework implementation: Vernance will develop and manage the implementation of national standard and industry frameworks such as NIST, ITIL, ISO, COBIT and PMBoK to improve control, audit, increase organizational maturity and ultimately optimize management and operations efficiency.
  • Risk Management: Vernance will identify and quantify threats and weaknesses which could negatively impact your business. Based on the determined risk level we will recommend and assist you in deploying a risk management solution that will ensure the overall risk is maintained within the limits of your organizational acceptable risk margin.
  • Planning and support for security and compliance in the context of organizational growth: One of the most common challenges fast growing companies have to face is organic and inorganic growth while maintaining secure and compliant environments; for these dynamic companies Vernance will provide security and project subject matter expertise to ensure seamless growth by maintaining and improving their security and compliance posture.
  • Compliance and Security Liaison: Support the CFO and CEO as a liaison for all Compliance and Security related activity. In this role Vernance will act as an independent extension of your organization and will provide complete management covering all aspects of information security audits, assessments, reviews and remediation work.