Want to increase the quality of I.T. services being delivered?

Register here Combining ITIL, Six Sigma and Theory of Constraints in streamlining IT quality This webinar will be presented by Bogdan Dragomir, Vernance’s COO, trusted adviser for many companies in South and Central U.S., penetration testing coordinator across US and UK and Six Sigma Lean Professional & Six Sigma Black Belt.   Register here

Is it time for enterprises to start thinking about TEMPEST?

Truly innovative attacks are hard to come by. Every so often an old trick implemented in a new way may be counted as innovative. In 2011 the issue of using mobile phones to collect the vibrations from keyboards was discussed (http://dl.acm.org/citation.cfm?doid=2046707.2046771). In 2009 even t-shirts and teacups were discussed as possible surfaces on which a signal could be bounced […]