Protecting your digital and physical assets

We are experts in IT security and related compliance; we have a broad base of technology and project management experience.

We can help you save time and money, and more importantly you can return your focus to where it should be: Accomplishing your core mission and maximizing the value you create for customers and shareholders.

We are committed to enabling management maximize the technology RoI, help organizational maturity growth, and raise technology-related internal processes to the highest performance levels possible.

Vernance offers a broad spectrum of technological and organizational solutions including Risk Assessments, Vulnerability Assessments, Compliance Management, Security and Compliance Gap Analysis, Project Management and Technology Management.

The Challenge

Many companies rely on latest technology to enable business and achieve security. While newest technology does enable these goals, even the most sophisticated technology needs proper implementation, maintenance and management. More often than not technology projects are not limited to technology and they span a broad spectrum of areas having ties in compliance, and business functionality requiring training and modified management approach to enable RoI and maintenance.

Our Approach

Our approach aims to substitute traditional, manual processes and disparate point solutions with congruent solutions grouped in enterprise security programs, best practices and consolidated technology management. Through these solutions, our customers manage emerging and evolving security risks and overcome compliance challenges.