Enterprise Risk Assessment

Cost-effective Risk Identification & Treatment

Identifying social, operational and environmental risk related predisposing conditions and threats. Recommend cost effective risk treat solutions based on performing a qualitative and quantitative risk analysis.

Vernance’s approach to Risk Management has as its main scope helping customers to meet sustainable and comprehensive risk management and security.

We offer complete solutions for intelligent, optimized and comprehensive IT Services and risk management. Although, consultants hold a number of technical certifications ranging from Cisco, Linux, Novell, Microsoft and others, we are 100% vendor agnostic; we don’t just offer cookie cutter or half solutions. Being vendor agnostic we ensure a cost effective, bias-free solution design and sound implementation.

Our experts will assess the existing default security posture and the supporting risk management process integration we will document the identified areas where the processes and process integration enable sustainable compliance and IT services growth. The areas where optimization and realignment are necessary will be also documented and a roadmap to remediation will be further defined. In an attempt to accommodate a variety of customers we have the ability to work with multiple risk management frameworks; however, our recommended approach is to use a modified, customized COSO framework for IT Integrated Risk management, this has the ability to streamline risk management and integrate the specific processes ensuring a optimized IT services environment.

During our assessment we will work with customer teams to document the risk catalogue, the predisposing conditions and design efficient controls in order to reduce the efforts associated with risk treatment.

In contrast with traditional consulting we focus on three types of goals short term (quick wins) mid term and long term goals. During our parallel activities we work with our clients to achieve their short term goals while we plan achieving the mid term goals; further, through our expert advisory services we work with the clients to help best defining their long term strategy-tied goals.

We guarantee that regardless of the customer business model Vernance’s custom consulting services will enable business sustainable RoI, continuous growth based on streamlined and cost effective IT Services support while meeting all mandatory compliance requirements.